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We are the original Doggee Daycare based in Selsdon.


We have led the way, using social networking to keep you involved in your dogs stay.


Being able to see that your dog is happy and settled goes a long way for peace of mind and we want to involve you every step of the way :)















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Just for fun, we choose a doggy 'Woof' of the month - for being kind, brave or simply for just being Woof-tastic!


Each monthly 'Woof' receives a Doggee Daycare certificate.

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Click on any pic to view it on our Facebook page

Our January 'Woof' - Sadie

buddy woof woofs

Our February 'Woof' - Buddy

Googie Buddy Phoebe

Our March 'Woof' - Phoebe

Our April 'Woof' - Googie

Our May 'Woof' - Buddy

Just for being a fantastic big sister to her new baby puppy Sadie and for being patient and accepting her with loads of love. We love her even more for that.

For overcoming her fears and nerves - she ended up being my shadow and now comes bounding in happy and confident..

For being a kind and patient big brother to his new sister letting her jump all over him! And for teaching our gang the art of the Schnauzer Buddy yoga moves!

For being amazingly brilliant at the tender age of 10/11 weeks - toilet trained already and giving paw for treats. Such a fast little learner!

For being super brave when leaving his Mummy and Nanny. For being a start on walks and achieving off lead walks. And for just being Buddy, we love you X

Every day, week and month with our four legged friends is different and full of so much fun and varied characters. The funny, clever and endearing things they do on a daily basis never ceases to amaze me.


This is just my fun way of celebrating this!

tedwoof ollywoof montydoodlewoof Pedrowoof

Our June 'Woof' - Ted

Our July 'Woof' - Olly

Our August 'Woofs' Monty & Doodle

Our Sep 'Woof' - Pedro