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We are the original Doggee Daycare based in Selsdon.


We have led the way, using social networking to keep you involved in your dogs stay.


Being able to see that your dog is happy and settled goes a long way for peace of mind and we want to involve you every step of the way :)















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Harriet:- for overcoming her nerves and anxiety. She came such a long way from the nervous girl that she was when we first met her. Such a great improvement!


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Just for fun, we choose a doggy 'Star' each month - for being kind, brave or simply for just being a Star.


Each winner receives a Doggee Daycare certificate and rosette.

Poppy:- for settling in so quickly. Considering she was rescued prior to her first visit, she settled in from day one and continues to come bounding in and makes herself right at home!

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Coco:- considering Coco is shy and nervous around other dogs, she did so well and adapted amazingly to the dogs that she met whilst on her holiday – well done Coco!

Joey - for being so brave and settling in so well. He started off as a timid little pup and now comes bounding in. He's made some great friends and is now a confident happy boy at day care!


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