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We are the original Doggee Daycare based in Selsdon.


We have led the way, using social networking to keep you involved in your dogs stay.


Being able to see that your dog is happy and settled goes a long way for peace of mind and we want to involve you every step of the way :)















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ted3 Harvey star of monthAug


Picture1 Harley star of week
star of month jake and harry july 2014

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Peanut hello and welcome


Star of week Peanut Star of week Pedro blue button1 grass cut out

Pedro: for being so brave with his bandage and not even trying to chew or scratch at the bandage - what a good boy!

Peanut: he's been in the wars with a lump on his gums and limited walks due to a limp. He's still been our little star and played with all of his friends :)

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Facebook Likes Star of week Oscar Star of week Buddy no 2

Buddy:  for being the perfect little guest. He comes in like its his second home, chills out and makes us all smile. He even likes a nice lay in - perfect!

Oscar: for being so brave when parted from his mum. He's come on so well and is very trusting and loving when he's here :)

Doggee Daycare certificate for every Star :)

Star of week Phoebe Feb 2014


blue button1

Phoebe - for her friendly, happy confident way she joined in and settled on her first day care session and sleep over with us :)

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Facebook Likes valentine rose valentine rose valentine rose valentine rose Star of the week Freddy

Freddy - for joining in and making new friends on his walks with us. We last saw him on his holiday in August 2013, so he fitted right back in with old friends :)

valentine rose


blue button1 Star of the week Buster Feb 2014 Star of the week Jay Feb 2014 Star of the week Abi Mar 2014

Buster - for taking little Chewie under his wing and helping him to settle on his first day. Buster was such a  star and  really helped Chewie to feel at ease :)

Jay - for greeting all of his walking companions with his usual waggy, friendly self day after day. And for being a super star on our walks :)

Our first ever two-legged Star!

Abi - for being caring, loving, kind and gentle. The way she's looking at Shadow just says it all.

A big thank you to Abi for your patience and love with all of the dogs.

Star of the week March 2014 Monty

Monty - for overcoming his nerves and growing in confidence. He was such a shy, timid little puppy when we first met him and now he comes bounding in full of beans and confidence.

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Facebook Likes Star of the week March 2014 Bolt Star of the week March 2014 Harvey

Bolt: He had his first sleepover and was simply adorable. From the cuddles, licks, snuggles & tummy rubs, right down to the big Bolt bear hugs, we loved every minute of his stay!

Harvey: For making us all laugh with his bed antics on his sleepover weekend.

For being such a gentleman and letting everyone else have their turn before rightfully claiming it back!


blue button1 Star of the week Chewie April 2014

Chewie: Such a lovely natured and gorgeous puppy, he's only visited us a few times but settled in so quickly and has already made some very special friends here with us :)

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Facebook Likes Star of the week Jaimee April 2014

Jaimee: For overcoming her nerves and taking her tme to get to know her new friends on her holiday. She soon realised everyone was friendly and began to join in :)

Star of the week Marley April 2014

Marley: For spreading his Marley Magic during his two week holiday with us. He is such a fun loving character and just kept us and his daycare friends smiling the whole time :)

Star of the week Phoebe April 2014

Phoebe : For her awesome ball skills. Dribbling and passing and keeping us entertained on her holiday!


blue button1 Star of the week Hariett Star of the week May 2014 Holly

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Holly: for being so consistently happy and sociable every week. We can always rely on Holly to be friendly and help new friend settle in :)

Hariett: for coming on so well and getting over her nerves. Well done!

star of the week May 2014 jaimee

Jaimee : For being the most confident she's been so far. On her third holiday she was the most settled she had been and was such a lovely guest :)


blue button1 Star of the week Jake June 2014

Jakey: For being the best big brother and settling so well on his holiday. We really thought he'd miss his mum but he's been brilliant! Well done Jakey :)

Buddy: for accepting our doggee visitors day after day. We think it's helped to keep  him young!

Star of the week Buddy June 2014

Jake & Harry were our July summer choice for settling so well on their holiday. It was like we'd only seen them yesterday not last year. They came right in and made themselves at home - well done boys :)


blue button1 blue button1 Star of month certificate

Harvey for being fun, playful and most of all being loyal and loving to me :)

Harley: for surprising us all and being a brave little boy on his first sleep over away from his mum :)

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Just for fun, we choose a doggy 'Star' each month - for being kind, brave or simply for just being a Star.


Each winner receives a Doggee Daycare certificate and rosette.

Ted: for being a lovely guest from start to finish. We made a lovely new friend in Ted.