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We are the original Doggee Daycare based in Selsdon.


We have led the way, using social networking to keep you involved in your dogs stay.


Being able to see that your dog is happy and settled goes a long way for peace of mind and we want to involve you every step of the way :)















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"Hello! I'm Peanut and this is my brother Moo! - It's our job to look after our guests - we LOVE our jobs and are the luckiest boys in town! - A big waggy welcome from us and we look forward to meeting you"

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  • 7 days a week, full or half days.

  • Flexible hours, including shift work.

  • Regular days or simply just when you need a day out.

  • All guests stay with us, are walked by us and enjoy the freedom of our home and garden.

  • Peanut, Moo and our friendly group of regular day care's welcome new friends with waggy tails.

  • Our garden is a doggy paradise, full of different areas for exploring and we're always making and finding new things for our guests to enjoy.

  • Our emphasis is on fun, play and socialising. We are not regimented by a strict routine and vary each day according to the guests, their age and fitness levels.

  • Walks are tailored to guests on the day, but everyone gets at least one fun walk at the many surrounding parks and woodland.


  • Short or long stays from 1 day to 2 weeks or more.

  • All guests will stay with us for the duration, be walked by us and enjoy the freedom of our home and garden.

  • We are licenced for four guests, but our preferred maximum overnight is three. Our guests' happiness and safety is our priority so we never over book.  

  • No crates unless you are puppy training.

  • We have our own supply of beds, blankets and toys, but you are welcome to bring your own.

  • We want to involve you every step of the way and are hapy, with the wonders of Facebook to be able to post pictures and updates throughout their stay giving you the ultimate reassurance that your dog really is happy and settled.

  • Evening only drop off with collection next morning, is also possible.

  • Puppies can join us for day care/sleepovers when their vaccinations are complete and they can mix with other dogs.

  • We keep our numbers small and safe so our

  • We will follow and stick to your training and feeding routines, making sure that we are all saying and doing the same things.

  • Hard floors throughout and easy acess to the garden so ideal for toilet training.

  • Fun patio area which can be closed off to the main garden making it a smaller, less intimidating place for their first few visits.

  • Visits can begin from as little as an hour, building up to a half/full day.

  • We have long training leads so they can safely join us on walks early on, this really helps with early socialising when out and about.


  • A trial visit is carried out at our premises prior to any new dogs joining us. Please click trial visit to read more about our trial process.



  • They will join our friendly day care gang and have lots of fun.

  • We walk for an hour and with no more than four at a time.

  • Our Doggee Daycare tags are worn throughout walks, this bears our contact deails for safety.

  • No dogs are exercised off lead without signed consent.

  • We are equipped with extendable and 5/10ft leads so that those on lead can still run about and join in with the others :)

  • Our walks take us to: The Bird Sanctuary, Littleheath Woods, Croham Hurst, Kings Wood, Riddlesdown, Spring Park, Shirley Hills and Whyteleafe Park.

  • Every walk is fun and varied, but safety and other walkers are a big  consideration so the dogs are never out of sight and watched at ALL times.

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We meet all new friends for a free trial visit first - please click for more information.

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There is no better endorsement than other people's trusted and happy experiences. Please browse our feedback 


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  • Home visit to feed and/or provide a toilet break.

  • This consists of  half an hour visit spent at your home  giving one to one attention. I love the home visits as I get so spend quality time playing and making a fuss.

  • Puppy visits also consist of 30 minutes as above and can include any current basic training and of course cleaning up any little accidents.

  • More than half an hour can be spent on request.

  • Currently available at weekends and evenings only. Local areas only.

Day Care



Home visits



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