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We are the original Doggee Daycare based in Selsdon.


We have led the way, using social networking to keep you involved in your dogs stay.


Being able to see that your dog is happy and settled goes a long way for peace of mind and we want to involve you every step of the way :)
















Jaimee, Springer Spaniel / Mary & James Innes 7 January 2015 (Email)

Our lovely Springer, Jaimee, has had her holidays with Lisa during the past 2 years. I am very happy that she is loved and cared for like one of the family and I would not want her to go to any other ‘dog minder’. We have already booked her in for her April and June holidays this year so that we can be sure she does not miss out! Thank you Lisa and family! Xx

Phoebe, Havanese / Michelle Higgins 26 Feb 2014 (Email)

Hiya. Phoebe is so much happier and so am I. I am forever grateful for you letting phoebe join your wed gang. You must be the best doggee daycare in the world with all the extra love and attention you give to your doggee guests and your business in general. I'm always raving about you and showing friends and family your sites and the lovely day summaries.  you are a credit to the doggee world!!

Thanks again for everything Xx


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Ah, thank you Carole :)

We fell in love with Buddy when we first met him and we love him for his playful ways, (and I loved my cuddles!)

We wouldn't have him any other way and look forward to his visits X


So glad you enjoyed your holiday with peace of mind and enjoyed your updates.

Florrie was a bundle of happiness and she enjoyed her holiday too whilst making friends along the way X

Thank you Eveline :)

We have been longing to meet another 'Peanut' and Wilbur sure didn't disappoint.

We loved every minute of Wilbur's stay, he made such special friends with Peanut and won us all over with his lovely nature.

We were all sad he had to leave us! We can't wait to see him again X

Thanks Margaret :)

We were all won over by Shadow right from his first trial with us, and its a privelege to be considered his second family. He is always an absolute pleasure to have x

Thanks Jenny :)

We love our Pedro days, and so does Peanut who has become very close to him. We love that he comes in and settles himself down in his favourite chair and just chills out, just like he probably does at home.

He is a star on our walks and Peanut is always up for the Pedro challenge! X

Thank you Anu :)

We know you were nervous for Kippers first holiday and are so chuffed that not only did he have a fab time, but that we also helped him with his anxiety around other dogs. A real success all round X

Thank you Sharon :)

So glad you trusted us with your beloved Beagle. She mixed right in on her first day and took it in her stride considering her age. We wouldn't want her in kennels either so really glad to have helped X

IMG_5366 IMG_8685 IMG_3814 IMG_3987

Thanks Kirsty :)

We really love our Monday's with Marley, he is such a loveable character.

He's so friendly and playful and we know that Peanut is so fond of him x

Thank you Ann. We have all worked so hard and come so far with Buster and must confess to having a real soft spot for him.

Ah, thanks Nina :) We all love the boys so much. They are both so loveable in their different ways.

Friday's are never the same without them. It means a lot that you and your mum trust us with your precious boys :)

Thank you, Jay is the perfect guest, he's a pleasure to have both in the house, playing with Peanut and on walks.

I loved my Jay cuddles every night and sending you his 'Jay Mail' whilst he was on my lap!

Thanks Margaret :)

Jack is welcome any time :) What a sociable girl she is, making friends with everyone she meets and making some very special friends every time she comes. See you soon X

Thank you Louise :)

We're so glad that Sandy had such a good time with us.

He's such a big old softy, so gentle and loving and a big hit with all of us.

We hope to see him soon X

Thanks so much Janet :)

Holly was a big hit on the very first day we met her, with both Peanut and me. I am very fond of her and she is one of Peanut's bestest friends.

She has grown from a puppy to the big girl that she is now and I am proud to have played a part in her progress :)


Thank you so much Sarah :)

I know how much your Harvey means to you and I really am honoured that he joins us every week.

He is a real credit to you, I know I can take him anywhere and he will be on his best behaviour at all times. He's soft and gentle and a much loved member of our doggy team :)

IMG_5367 IMG_1187 IMG_5543 IMG_5514

Thanks so much for your lovely comments, they mean a lot :) We're so glad to have met you and Phoebe and so pleased she's happy and settled with us. Phoebe is a much loved member of our day care gang and only wish we had space for more Phoebe days X

Thanks for your lovely feedback Sue.

Olly was a little star and made some great friends last year.

He was a confident boy for his small size and ftted in so well with us and his new day care friends. Looking forward to seeing him in June :)

Ah Marley boy, you were such a great guest, it was like your second home, we didn't have to worry about you at all, you were so settled and happy and became an extended part of our family. We love our Marley Monday's too and we're all so very fond of you :) x

paw print

There is no better endorsement than other people's happy and trusted experiences. We are very proud of our ahcievements in the 'doggy world' :)

A big 'Thank You' to everyone that has taken the time to leave us their comments and feedback.

IMG_2072 IMG_1795 IMG_3632 IMG_2812

It was our pleasure Sarah. Harvey was the most playful we've seen him. He was so happy and settled and we loved having him.

He is so gentle and well behaved, a real credit to you ;)

They were such fun to have Jane - both lovely characters, so different in their ways. The whole family enjoyed their stay from start to finish.

Coco was a little star and seemed really confident, curling up with us on the settee and joining in with Peanut and Diesel. Of course we'd love to see them again and look forward to their next short stay in April :)

We got to see a whole new side to them from their day care vsits, they had their little routine of  brotherly play out in the garden every evening and would stay out there as long as they could. We all loved their company so much :)


I know you were worried as it was his first ever sleepover, so we were really pleased he was so brave. He's such a loving little boy and proved us all wrong! Thank you for trusting us and so glad it went well :)



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We were so pleased to see Wilbur again! He was just as lovely as we remember him from last October. He settled right back in with us and was an absolute pleasure once again.


Jake, Beagle / Nina 4 January 2013

I never thought I would find someone who I would completely trust with my beagle Jake and I sectretly thought that no one could look after him like I could. After his first session with Lisa, my feats evaporated! He absolutely loves going to doggee daycare every Friday and he drags me up the driveway when we arrive :) I know that Lisa really does love and care for all of the dogs she looks after and she treats Jake just as if he was hers, which means I always have peace of mind when I'm at work. Thanks Lisa for all your help and hard work, I don't know what I would do without you :)


IMG_6695 IMG_1536 IMG_1829

We fell in love with Chewie from day one, such a lovely submissive boy. He made friends on his first day and was such a pleasure to have. We know how you all love him to bits so thank you for trusting us with your precious boy :)


Anyone that is a friend of Phoebe's is a friend of ours! And Jasper did not disappoint, what a lovely friendly boy.

Any time you are down this way we would love to see him again :)


Thank you Mary, Jaime is always a pleasure to have. She's so kind and gentle and just settles in with us so well. We'd hate to see her go somwhere else and will always find room for her :)


IMG_0887 IMG_1906

Ted, Cockerpoo / Becky Singleton 7 June 2015 (Facebook)

Thanks again to Lisa, Peanut and family for making Ted soo welcome. We really can't thank you enough. He is happily snoring away next to me now, no doubt dreaming of the fun filled time he had with you! :) xx

IMG_2278 IMG_0170 IMG_4110

You're so welcome Sweta. I'm so proud to have played a part in Harriet's progress and so glad that she trusted and bonded with me in order for that to happen. I've loved watching her grow in confidence.


Thank you Tracey & Brianna. I love posting and taking the photo's and so glad you found them enjoyable. We all loved Joey straight away and it's great that he enjoys it so much with us. He is welcome any time!


I didn't want to Ted to go home! I fell in love with him and enjoyed his holiday from start to finish. He's such a lovely boy and cannot wait to see him again.- there will always be a Ted shaped space here waiting for him :)


Joey, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel / Tracey Hipgrave 17 April 2015 (Facebook)

Thank you Lisa for your wonderful care of our dear Joey. It helped us so much to know that he was so well looked after. He came home each night exhausted! The pictures you uploaded everyday were a constant source of pleasure and many laughs. We will treasure them all. Thank you for being amazing Xxxxxxx

Joey, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel / Brianna Payne 17 April 2015 (Facebook)

Thank you so much for having Joey these past 3 weeks it was a massive help and we really appreciate it Joey had an amazing time and can't wait to see you again on Thursday. He is super tired and will definitely sleep well tonight lol x

Harriet, Beagle / Sweta Patel 25 March 2015 (Facebook)

Ahh thanks Lisa! Harriet has come a long way because of you :) Not only do you put in so much love and attention into all the dogs whilst they are in your home, but also take the time to do extra little things like this, so thoughtful and kind. Thank you ...xx

Jasper, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel / Malcolm Higgins 1 January 2015 (Email)

Just to let you know that Jasper enjoyed his sleepover with you and meeting Peanut.  We would like to thank you for taking him at short notice and making him welcome.  Happy New Year to you and your family.



Chewbacca, Golden Retriever / Emma Rowland 31 December 2014 (Email)

We were so worried about leaving our fur baby Chewbacca for the first time but Lisa and Peanut were fantastic at making him feel at home. With regular photos and texts we could see he was having a lovely time and making some lovely friends. Lisa always matched him with doggies who like to play just as much and you can see how attentive she is by how much Chewie loves going to Doggee Daycare. It's so lovely to be able to leave Chewbacca with someone who cares for him as much as we do. Thank you, The Rowland's.

Wilbur, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel / Konstanty Silwowski 26 October 2014 (Facebook)

Thank you for taking such good care of Wilbur. He really enjoyed his time with you and we felt very safe in the knowledge that he is with you. We look forward to seeing you soon and arranging a walk together.

Harley, Bichon Frise / Ellen Daley 29 September 2014 (Facebook)

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Doggee Daycare for looking after Harley whilst we were away!  It's so reassuring to know he is in safe hands and that I'm kept updated of how he is getting on throughout his stay! I would never hesitate on recommending Doggee Daycare to anyone looking for a home from home for their doggie!! He is one tired little boy from all that socialising and playing

Jake & Buster, Beagles / Nina Gibson 27 August 2014 (Email)

We knew before we booked our weeks holiday that we would only leave  Jake and Buster with Lisa and her family as I wouldn’t leave them anywhere else.  They absolutely love it there and I know they get treated with as much love as they get at home!  Lisa put lots of pictures on Facebook of them having fun and it was so nice to look at them every day and know that they were having a great time with their little gang of friends!  When we picked them up after a week they actually sulked when they got home, I think they enjoyed their weeks holiday as much as we enjoyed ours!

Coco & Diesel, Jack Russels / Jane Evans 19 August 2014 (Email)

Having known Lisa and her love of animals for many years we didn't hesitate in asking her to look after Coco and Diesel our Jack Russells when we recently had a long weekend away. Our worry was whether Coco who is very nervous would cope and behave herself? Why did we worry though? Following a trial visit the week beforehand the pair of them had the time of their lives! Lisa and her lovely family (both canine and human!) welcomed them into their home and treated them like they were their own. Coco and Diesel loved their daily walks and being spoilt with treats and laps to sit on and we enjoyed the daily updates of texts and pictures of them. The little doggee report sheet we received at the end of their stay was the icing on the cake! What a lovely idea. Thank you Lisa and Co for all your time, effort and sheer dedication during Coco and Diesel's stay. They would love to come back again one day, if you'll have them?! Thanks Lisa, catch up soon. Love Jane, Mick and dogs x x x


Harvey, Labrador / Sarah Austin 20 May 2014 (Email)

Thank you Lisa and co for having Harvey while we went on a short break and for his weekly walks, as always nothing is too much trouble - even putting eye drops in - which he doesn't like. Thank you for treating Harvey like he is one of yours - for all the love care attention and for all the updates we receive to let us know what he's been up to while we are away. It really helps us to relax knowing he's happy and being looked after just as he is at home plus he has the advantage of being with his friends 24/7.  Thank you for all your hard work. There is only one place I look for Harvey to go - Doggee Daycare

Marley, Basset Hound / Kirsty Dunn 13 May 2014 (Email)

When we booked our two week holiday there was only one place Marley would spend the two weeks.....at doggie daycare with Peanut and Buddy. He had a great time and we could rest assure that he was be cared for with lots of love. He loved his daily walks with his friends and sharing his new bed every night with peanut. Thank you so much for taking the stress and worry away from us knowing Marley was having a great time whilst we were away. He can't wait for his next stay. He loves his Mondays at day camp and we wouldnt have him go anywhere else x

Olly, Yorkshire Terrier / Sue Howell 9 May 2014 (Email)

We agonised over who we should get to look after our little Yorkshire Terrier, Olly, when we went on holiday last year.  It was a nightmare until we discovered Lisa and Doggee Daycare.  Lisa went to great lengths to get to know Olly beforehand and to familiarise him with her home and family, Peanut, Buddy and her 'regulars' so by the time we dropped Olly off for his holiday we were very happy to leave him in her care.  We were kept up to date of Olly's antics with loads of photos of him and his new pals and we were able to see that he was happy and enjoying his time at Doggee Daycare which made us relax and enjoy our holiday too.  Olly is booked in for his summer holiday this year and I know he will have a fantastic time with Lisa and co.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Doggee Daycare (my only worry would be not being able to book Olly in next year!).

Buster, Border Terrier Cross / Steve & Ann Jones 19 March 2013

Our dog Buster has benefitted from the socialisation with the other dogs and has made some special friends. He is so much calmer than we first had him and we are so grateful for the care and attention he has received while he has been at Doggee Daycare. Keep up the good work Lisa!

Marley, Basset Hound / Kirsty 29 July 2013

Marley is a regular at Doggee Daycare, he loves his Mondays playing and never wants to leave. Thanks to Lisa and her family for all they do fur us and Marley we would not send him anywhere else and always feel happy that Marley is somewhere he feels safe and happy when we need him looked after. We appreciate you very much and so does Marley thank you x


Buddy, Tiebetan Terrier / Carole Conway 20 November 2013

Thank you Lisa and family! Buddy our 10 month old Tibetan Terrier has just had a wonderful weekend in your care. He always races up the drive to your front door so eager to see you and is never in a hurry to return home... You take such good care of all your doggee guests... We know our boy is not always the easiest, thank you for your patience! He loves the walks play time and of course all the cuddles. Knowing Buddy is so happy staying with you allows us to enjoy our holidays too! Looking forward to seeing you next time. Thanks again.

Florrie, Schnoodle / Alison & Bryn Richards 11 November 2013

Would like to say how pleased and happy we were with Lisa's care of omuch loved Florrie when we had a trip to Venice recently. The visits beforehand were very useful in settling her quickly when she arrived for her stay. Lisa kept us fully informed as to  Florries antics and reassured us that she was doing well. when it came to leaving Florrie who is still only a pupply lisa's gentlenness and caring attitude made all the difference. Thank you Lisa and family.


Wilbur, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel / Eveline Ip 7 November 2013

Thank you Lisa & Co for looking after Wilbur our juvenle cavalier king charles spaniel, while we were abroad for nearly 2 weeks. We came for a home visit (casual interview) prior to confirming Wilbur's holiday at Doggee Daycare. It gave both Doggee Daycare and us confort that the environment is clean and safe, and that all the dogs would get along. We discussed all admin items up front e.g. vets, vaaccines etc and enjoyed the rest of the hour observing the dogs. We confirmed our booking the very same evening. During our holiday we received daily photos updates via the Doggee Daycare facebook page. It is very comforting to see our four-legged friend being well socialised and getting adequate exercise while we were many miles away. We could not thank the team highly enough for taking such good care of Wilbur while we were away. We will be back.


Shadow, Cocker Spaniel / Margaret Williams 5 November 2013

Shadow continues to love his days at Doggee Daycare. We really appreciate his reports - and your website is great! - and all the fantastic photos of what he gets up to with you. We know we can completely trust you with him - you are his second family!



Pedro, Pointer Cross / Jenny Hall 29 July 2013

Pedro has been going to Doggee Daycare since he came to us as a stray from Spain last November and Lisa is an indispensable part of his doggy support structure. When I drop him off he runs up to the front door with his tail going round like a windmill. At the end of the day he is always pleased to see me but never seems keen to leave! Whilst Pedro is generally a calm happy boy he can be a lite nerve racking to walk as he loves to roam far and wide. Lisa was really patient with him and spent a lot of time making sure he would return before she walked him off lead. Her hard work paid off and he loves his long walks with her, Peanut, Buddy and the other daycare visitors. My husband and I work quite changeable shifts and Lisa has been very flexible and understanding regarding the hours she has Pedro. She's helped us out at short notice on more than one occasion. In short we would be lost without doggy Daycare. It makes me very happy to know that while we are at work (or more happily on holiday) Pedro is not only having fun with his doggy chums but is also safe and care for. Thanks Lisa!

Kipper, Spaniel Cross / Anuradha 12 April 2013

Kipper's Holiday:Our pet baby Kipper spent a week and a half at doggee daycare. This was Kipper's very first time being away from us and I was really nervous about how it would go. My worries were put at rest when Lisa took such good care of Kipper, posting his pics on Facebook and emailing me every single day about his daily activities. Lisa also helped Kipper overcome his anxiety when meeting other dogs. He's much better at his walks now. I highly recommend Lisa and Doggee Daycare, they've done a wonderful job! Thanks Lisa :)


Hollie, Beagle / Shakespeare Family 25 April 2013

Hollie our bealge is 10 years old, she is a typical mishievous, naughty and very spoilt beagle! She was our first baby before we had our girl and we have only ever left her with family. When we had the chance to go away and had no one to leave her we didn't know where to turn! The thought of leaving her at a kennels was just to awful to think about! Then we found Doggeedaycare :0) Lisa completely put our mind at ease. Hollie got to go on a visit day and Lisa welcomed us to her home to look around and meet her family. We went off on our break feeling relaxed and happy that we had found someone to trust with our bealgle Hollie was fine she loved her long walks and being with the other dogs. We loved the text messages and facebook updates and seeing picgtures of Hollie having fun! Thank you so much we have recommended you to all our friends with dogs and told our vet all about you too. Thank you.

Jay, Cockapoo / The Cole Family 12 September 2012

Jay, our playful cockapoo has just had his second stay at Doggee Daycare. We were so pleased with how Lisa looked after him and with the fun he had playing with Peanut and Buddy during our week away in the summer that our only concern now is whether she is available when we go away in the future. I loved the regular texts that we received, including photographs which reassured me that he had settled in well and the diary when we got back was a real bonus. Thanks for taking care of Jay and spending time letting us know how he was doing.



Jack, Scottish Terrier / Margaret Huffinley 20 October 2012

Hi, re Jacks holiday September 2012. Jack is a Scottish Terrier and stayed with Lisa and her family for two weeks... She had a fantasic time, playing with Buddy and Peanut and going out for long walks. I have no hesitation in recommend Doggee Daycare for your dogs. They are well looked after and are made to feel part of the family. No cold kennels, they sleep in the house and can roam around as if it were their own home. Lisa takes a lot of effort to make them feel at home and looks after them as if they were her own dogs. I will definately be using Doggee Daycare again, and I am sure Jack is looking forward to her next holiday. Margaret Caterham.

Sandy, Golden Retriever / J Mooney to: Mike Robinson at PetSitters UK 3 October 2012

Belatedly I am just letting you know that we had an excellent experience this year. Lisa was extremely lovely and Sandy had a great time. She was very considerate and allowed us to keep in contact via text and facebook. Top experience-would definitely recommend.

Holly, Cockerpoo / Janet Edmonds 27 September 2012 (Email)

If you're looking for dog care then I would strongly recommend 'doggee daycare'. We have an 11 month old cockapoo who has been staying with Lisa on a regular basis for a couple of days a week. Our puppy has enjoyed playing and socialising with Peanut & Buddy and other doggy guests, which has been of real benefit to her social development. We are always kept informed on facebook & by text of how each day is progressing and receive a colour print out at the end of each visit, containing photos and information about walks etc. We always have a content and sleepy dog at the end of a day spent with 'doggee daycare'! Lisa is professional & caring in her approach & delights in the work she does. Her enthusiasm for every dog in her care shines through & she never flags, but is always fully involved. Every dog will get loads of personal attention and plenty of TLC too. Lisa will become their second 'mum' before too long! 'Doggee Daycare' will never let you down, bookings are always honoured & Lisa will put herself out to ensure that she can accommodate her clients' needs & their pets! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! :)

Harvey, Labrador / Sarah Austin September 2012 (Email)

Wanted to say a huge thank you for looking after Harvey over the last few weeks for us. As is he is our 1st family dog and like most others dog owners he is part of our family, he has a gentle, soft personality and enjoys a good couple of long walks everyday and sleeping it was important for me i left him with someone you would care and look after him as he is at home.

I was feeling really quite anxious at the beginning as we'd only left him with friends and family, however, within 10 minutes of leaving him I knew I had made the right decision after he jumped out of my car and went running up to your front door and stood there excited with his tail and body wagging when you opened it !! From that day onwards, every morning when i pulled up it was the same - he couldnt get to you quick enough. Thank you for the long walks, cuddles, texts, pictures and everything else !!  The pictures on facebook with your comments sure made my day go quicker at work. And our handsome Harvey, won Pic of the Week last week, what a fab idea ! I hope you got used to him showing you affection by walking through your legs - he only does it to some of us !! Even though it can be a slightly annoying when you have a dress on as you saw with me last night.

As a person you can see how much you love looking after dogs and the relationships you have with all of them. If somebody had said to me a couple of months ago, to leave harvey in care i would have said oh no i dont think so, as unfortunately i do think of the kennels and dog carers with the dogs being locked up and not looked after properly or walked  but having met you and your family and all your help over the last few weeks i would recommend you to anyone and certainly wont think twice when we need some help in future with Harvey. You are saved as a speed dial on my phone ! :) A huge thank you for everything.