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We are the original Doggee Daycare based in Selsdon.


We have led the way, using social networking to keep you involved in your dogs stay.


Being able to see that your dog is happy and settled goes a long way for peace of mind and we want to involve you every step of the way :)















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12/2/13: Mobile/Ipad Users:

We are awaiting an upgrade to enable our site to be viewed on mobiles and ipads.

We hope you'll be able to check us out on a laptop/computer in the meantime and thanks for your patience - Doggee Daycare :)

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  • We completely understand you'll be missing your best friend and wondering what they are up to. Whether they are here for the day, on a holiday sleepover or even just on a walk with us.

  • So we have created a mobile diary upate that we can send straight to your phone. It contains information on their entire day, sleepover or walk. From friends that they play with, places they walked, right down to how much of their food they ate! And we even include a photo too!

  • In addition to this, we can also keep in contact and update you in any of the following ways:-

  • By email - we can email photo's and the daily update to you if you prefer.

  • By text - we can text you updates and photo's in addition to the diary update.

  • By Whatsapp - we can set up a WhatsApp group so that all members of the family can receive updates, photo's and the diary update.

  • By Facebook/Instagram - we can post regular photos, updates and videos, this is very popular for holidays, see opposite for more details.

  • By phone - we are more than happy to keep in touch by phone if you prefer.

Email us

  • We have been providing fun, safe and above all, honest and trustworthy home services since 2012. Our home and garden are completely set up and kitted out especially with the dogs in mind. Our garden is a doggy paradise and the dogs happiness is our top priority.

  • We  provide a personal service, and by keeping our numbers small and cosy we are able to spend time getting to know every dog in our care.

  • Your dog will stay with us and be walked by us. There is no franchising out or dog walkers.

  • With a genuine love and passion for what we do, there will never be any over-crowding and much consideration is taken before bookings are made, ensuring similar dogs are placed togehter, eg age, temperament and fitness levels.

  • We are council licenced and fully insured, giving you peace of mind that your best friend and family pet will be in safe hands.

  • We stick to your dogs daily food routine and follow any training/home 'rules' you have where possible.

  • Our free trial allows us to assess each dogs nature and how they respond to us Peanut and Moo, so you can be assured when your dog comes for the day or a holiday, they will only ever be placed with kind, friendly, non-aggressive dogs.

  • Safe, secure and with access to the garden all day with freedom to roam around, inside and out.

  • Daily walks in the many surrounding parks and woodland - we are spoilt for choice!

  • All dogs wear identity tags on walks bearing our company name and number, and are only walked off lead with the owner's signed consent.

A little bit about our Services

Keeping you updated at all times

This Award recognises outstanding services in the Pet Industry. They loved the care and attention to detail we put into our business and with our website and Facebook page felt that we go above and beyond 'pawesome service' for our customers and the dogs in our care.

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We are very proud of our achievements in the doggy world, please see the wonderful feedback from our happy clients 


Photo's, videos and updates

  • With the wonders of Social Media we are able to keep you updated and involved throughout their entire stay. A picture tells a thousand words and there's no better comfort than seeing photo's of your pet happy and settled with their doggy friends.

  • We upload photo's and videos on our Facebook and Instagram page : so whether you're at work or on holiday, you'll be able to check in and see regular photo's and updates throughout the day or night.

  • With this service it enables us to keep you completely in the picture, including who they are socialising with and what they are up to. Everything is above board and we believe that's exactly as it should be.

  • We take absolute pride in this service and our clients regularly comment on how involved and part of their day they feel.

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